Your Holiday Spot Mayschoß

Mayschoß is one of the best-known wine growing regions in the Ahr Valley, for good reason. Along with the exciting natural background of the Ahr Valley, Mayschoß has fascinating individual characteristics to offer.

  • Advantageous position in the magnificent Ahr Valley– as a stage on the famous red wine trail
  • Medieval Saffenburg as an impressive ruin high above the town.
  • The oldest winegrowers‘ cooperative in the world with its famous wine cellar
  • Local landscape shaped by the picturesque terraced vineyards

Saffenburg Castle

Seated high above the town is the oldest castle complex in the Ahr Valley. Built in the 11th century by Count Adalbert von Saffenburg, the  ruins of  Saffenburg Castle lies on a steep mountain rise. The famed red wine of the Ahr thrives on the terraced mountainside.

Today the ruins of the Saffenburg is accessible to visitors. From the keep you can enjoy a unique panoramic view of the Ahr Valley, to the town of Mayschoß with the hotel Jägerstübchen or to the wine growing regions of Alterahr and Rech.

The Parish Church

The most significant structure in art history terms in the winegrowing region of Mayschoß is the ornately carved grave monument of Countess Katharina von der Mark, made of black granite. The tomb, carved in the mid-17th century by a sculptor from Theux is located in the narthex of the Catholic parish church of St. Nikolaus and Rochus. The church also contains remains of the baroque furnishings of the Monastery of Marienthal.

The Wine Cellar of the Oldest Winegrowers Cooperative in the World

The Winegrowers Cooperative Mayschoß-Altenahr manages the castle complex as well. It is the oldest cooperative of its kind in Germany and also one of the best. The Winegrowers Cooperative Mayschoß-Alternahr has won multiple awards. For example, it has won three Gault-Millaut-Trauben for extraordinary performance, or as 'Best Winegrowers‘ Cooperative in Germany'. (Weinwirtschaft Magazine, 14/10)

We also highly recommend our guests participate in the regular wine tastings, wine seminars and thematic meetings with wine tours and tastings in the famous wine cellar.

Celebrating Parties in the Mayschoß Winegrowing Town

Twice a year there are famous village festivals in June and the wine festival in October. Locals and visitors celebrate agricultural product number one in the region, namely wine,  for a month at each festival. Winegrowers invite all to their rustic or homey wine taverns for a pleasant glass (or two) of the fruit of the vine.

Traditionally wine has meant a lot to this region. Even today nearly everyone who lives in Mayschoß is involved in winegrowing in some capacity. For some winegrowers, wine production is still their primary source of income today. Many residents pursue winegrowing as a supplementary business, which excludes them from membership in the winegrowers‘ cooperative.

The Area of Mayschoß-Laach and its Bridges

In Laach, a local area, you can gaze in wonder at a very special local sight: The largest Ganzstammbrücke in Germany. The St. Anna Bridge is made of local Douglas Fir wood and spans the Ahr at a length of 29.20 m.

The route to its completion a good 10 years ago was a long one for the community of Mayschoß. To that point no comparable structure had been built in Germany. There were no industrial norms for its construction.

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