The Ahrtalweg

The Ahrtalweg, which is rich in tradition, runs 81 km along the Ahr. The path runs south of Mayschoss along the southern bank of the Ahr.

The Ahrtalweg runs here directly below the River. The Ahr with the narrow twists and turns  of its course forms an especially romantic natural spectacle. On the far side of the Ahr the Red Wine Hiking Trail continues further up. As the name says, this trail lead right through the middle of the wine terraces of the red winegrowing region of the Ahr. From above there is a nigh- infinite variety of views across the untouched natural river landscape.

Both the Ahrtalweg as well as the Red Wine Hiking Trail serve as linking trails between the western and eastern AhrSteig.

» Ahrtalweg as the link between the AhrSteig

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