The Ahr Biking Trail

Your hotel in Mayschoss is the ideal starting point for biking tours.

The Ahr Biking Trail crosses the Ahr directly at your holiday spot, Mayschoss Lach.  With the new steel bridge here at our location in Laach, a gap was plugged in the Ahr Biking Trail. It is no longer necessary to leave the trail for the road.

From the Source to the Mouth

With a stretch of 80km, the Ahr Biking Trail offers you various options for arranging your free time. If you prefer an athletic challenge, you can tour the whole length of the trail, starting in the Ahrquelle in Blankenheim and, after passing along the Ahrtal, continue through the Eifel and the Rheintail to the mouth of the Ahr near Kripp.

Stages Along the Ahr Biking Trail

People who like to combine gourmet pleasures with biking, take a bit more time in the Ahrtal. The course of the river Ahr calls with its many attractions and wine tastings and invites one to make small side trips through the vineyards and natural surroundings.

The Ahrtal Biking Trail is also highly recommended for short day  trips. Following the course of the river on the 20 km long stretch between Ahrweiler and Ahrbrück  alone you will pass 6 different winegrowing towns: Walporzheim, Marienthal, Dernau, Rech, Mayschoß through to Altenahr.

Open Road For Cyclists

The Ahr Biking Trail runs directly along the wildly romantic course of the Ahr. A part of the biking trail uses the former railway tressel once used by the Ahrtal railway. Parallel to the Ahr Biking Trail there is the new AhrSteig for hikers at some distance to the river. The AhrSteig runs above the course of the river through the wine terraces of the Ahrtal and offers beautiful panoramic views of the river from there.

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