Down-home in the Best Sense of the Word

The restaurant in the Jägerstübchen is not just open to hotel guests. The richly varied menus are made of high-quality ingredients also invite people on day trips, cyclists and hikers to stop in at our guest room or winter garden.

The magnificent location of the terrace has a magnetic attaction for guests when the weather is beautiful. Here you can enjoy the view of the Ahr which flows directly under the terrace. A romantic and simply picturesque location for conviviality and pleasant relaxation.

Wine and Culinary Pleasures

"Gourmet  local" is the most accurate definition of our cuisine. In our business traditionally prepared dishes from the Ahr and from the Eifel play an important role. Typical for the region, from light to hearty. You’ll find dishes on our menu that will make your mouth water.

The house chef cooks for you with the best ingredients from the region. We get our wild game primarily from local hunters. The roast lamb comes from our own production. The Ahr trout is especially popular among our fish dishes.

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Of course, wines from the Ahr region are preferred at meals in the Ahr valley winegrowing region. We invite you to try some the best wines of our region.

Majestic Panoramic View

Take your place on our terrace above the Ahr river, cast your gaze across the river onto the picturesque vineyards and enjoy a fine glass.

The Jägerstübchen’s location, so unmistakably favoured by nature, and the deliciously prepared dishes are the reasons our regular guests return so frequently. If you have to observe a particular diet, it is best to contact our kitchen team in advance. We will be glad to accommodate you and create  something tasty for you.

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